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Car rentals wherever you go

Chooselowest offers rental cars too! We’re here to help you rent a car by showing you the best car hire deals from the most popular providers in the world to get you where you want to go

About Chooselowests car rental

Find and compare rental cars from 1000s of providers, travel agents and travel sites.

How do I find the best car rental deals?

Chooselowest allows you to compare rental cars against other providers without having to waste time checking multiple websites. Start your search and see which deals work best for your travel needs and your budget.

Our intuitive search engine has unique functionalities that allow you to filter for the type of car you want, select different pick-up and drop-off locations, and hand-pick your preferred provider.

Is there a minimum age to rent a car?

Most car rental companies have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old to rent a car, and they may also charge drivers under 25 a young driver fee. Some companies also charge a senior driver fee for drivers over 70 years old.

To avoid these fees and find the best car rental deals, you can use Cheapflights to check each car rental agency’s terms and conditions to see if your age makes a difference.

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